Frequently Asked Questions


  • Referlocals let you provide Positive or Negative Referral for the Professionals that you have worked with recently or in past.
  • Search for Professionals Referrd by other people like you in your neighborhood
  • Post Jobs online and let Top Professionals send you an Estimate( Give you a chance to choose Best professional or Best Price)
  • View Jobs posted in your neighborhood
  • Share your Referrals on Social Media, via Text, Whatsapp, email and more

NO, We will only share your Contact info with the professional that you decide to work with( when you accept their Estimate)

Absolutely! Leaving a Referral requires registration and confirming email or phone for authenticity. Plus, if a Professional disputes then they have not worked with that person that our Dispute Resolution team will make sure that the Referral is genuine. We will not take down Negative Referrals so Rest assured.

We will make your life very easy when it comes to choosing a right professional or getting Best price for your professional needs. Also, everytime your friend ask for a referral you can share your referral list with just click of a button. They can always follow you on the App to check your Referral list.

Referlocals is Free to use and share

For Professionals

Referlocals is offering these services for Free. We will give everyone fair ground to provide best services to your clients and build your reputation. Although, We do ask you to Refer us to other professionals that you work with :)

Professionals will have separate App from Users as we are adding lot more features specifically tailored to your needs

We are here to make your life simple and provide you with tools to grow your business. Check out our Key Features that set us apart from everyone and why we should be your " A Must have App" or "The App"

Register with us using your email or Cell phone. It will take few minutes to Register. After Registering we will provide you with your Unique URL/Profile Page. You can send that to your existing clients and can request them to Refer you on our App.

Most of our services that you will need to grow your business will stay Free. Although, down the line we will add some Paid Features to help you accelerate/Manage your business ( But we will keep our charges super nominal at that point). Our dream is to be on every Mobile device and for that we will keep your cost down( so that you can Refer us)